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MPact Global works to shape the global dialogue on MSM health and human rights by conducting targeted outreach to media and public forums. Coverage of MPact Global and MPact Global programs can be found on the MPact Global in the News page. In addition to promoting awareness and nuanced understanding through the press, MPact Global also issues periodic Community Updates to keep MSM advocates and service providers informed of the most recent developments in policy, funding, research, and programs.


…This change story features the work of G-Link and Lighthouse in Vietnam, as well as the work of Inti Muda (formerly Focus Muda) and GWL-INA in Indonesia. It highlights the…

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LGBT Orgs Blast Rentboy Raid

…to personal autonomy and privacy – internationally recognized human rights that everyone, including individuals engaged in sex work, is entitled to. Criminalization creates barriers for those engaged in sex work

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For Fuck's Sake Summit 2022

sex and sexuality. This will be a rare opportunity for gay, bisexual, and queer men to come together and engage around the complex issues related to sex. For over 40…

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Steering Committee

…countries with his work, he retired from the adult entertainment industry and now has resumed his work in the field of law. The breadth of his career has given him…

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Bridging the Gaps

…hold their respective governments accountable to the health and rights needs of gay men and other men who have sex with men. Read the latest about our work in Bridging…

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