MPact Global Action for Gay men’s Health and Rights is a non-profit organization that has been working since 2006 to improve the lives of gay and bisexual men. We work with 120 community-led organizations across 62 countries to support and develop programs for health and rights around the world.

Your donation to MPact will enable us to:

  • Respond to human rights violations around the world
  • Build the capacity of grassroots organizations led by gay and bisexual men
  • Amplify the voices of human rights defenders at the United Nations
  • Demand funding for HIV programs that meet the needs of communities
  • Conduct research documenting global stigma and discrimination
  • Facilitate exchange between LGBTI networks in every region of the world
  • Equip advocates and activists with the information and resources they need in the fight for sexual health and human rights.

For more information about our work, read MPact’s 2019 Annual Report.

Thank you for making an MPact!