MPact is excited to invite you to our For Fuck’s Sake Summit 2022 (FFSS). MPact will convene gay, bisexual, and queer men from around the globe on Thursday July 28, 2022 in Montreal, immediately prior to the International AIDS Conference. The thematic focus of this groundbreaking summit will be gay sex and sexuality. This will be a rare opportunity for gay, bisexual, and queer men to come together and engage around the complex issues related to sex.

For over 40 decades the HIV response has overlooked, devalued, or pathologized gay sex. But gay sex has value and meaning and is an important part of our lives and our experiences. This summit will be compelling and provocative and explore various issues, such as, the audacity of pursuing a sexuality for people living with HIV, the various dimensions of sex work, criminalization of same sex sexual behavior, mental health, trans sexuality, and body image and sex.

The For Fuck’s Sake Summit 2022 will provide a space where gay, bisexual, and queer men can foster a stronger sense of community and increase the visibility of the various political and cultural issues connected to sex, while also reducing anti-sex and anti-gay stigma. We hope that you will join us at the For Fuck’s Sake Summit 2022. 

MPact's Queer Content Creators

MPact is excited to bring together a diverse and dynamic group of queer social media content creators from around the world. At the For Fuck’s Sake Summit and International AIDS Conference they will share their experiences and perspectives and allow their global audience to engage with their photo and video content, get an inside look at events and activities, and ask questions in real-time. We are committed to amplifying the voices of our queer community and working together to advance LGBTQ rights, increase visibility, reduce stigma, and strengthen our communities. Make sure to follow our Queer Content Creators to keep posted on all the fun and provocative information they will share.

Acep Saepudin

Acep Saepudin as known as Acep Gates is a content creator from Indonesia who shares his journey as a person with HIV and openly gay. His content provides a perspective on being gay in Indonesia and seeks to raise awareness about sexual health among young people in the region.

Instagram: @acepgatesreal
TikTok: @Acepgates
Youtube: Acep Gates

Alexander Cheves

Alexander Cheves is best known for his work as contributing editor at The Advocate and his “Sexy Beast” column. He is currently a columnist for Out Magazine. Cheves is a recipient of an Excellence in Journalism Award from the National Lesbian and Gay Journalists Association.

Instagram: @badalexcheves
Twitter: @badalexcheves

Alex Kofi Donkor

A Humanist, Model, Photographer, Researcher, Campaigner, and Community builder with expertise in Sexual Health, Human and LGBTQ+ Rights. Alex Kofi Donkor is the founder and current director of LGBT+ Rights Ghana, a movement of mostly young LGBTQA persons who are championing a safe, inclusive and free society for LGBTQI+ persons in Ghana.

Instagram: @ahuoden_gh
Twitter: @ahuoden
TikTok: @ahuoden
Instagram: @lgbtrightsghana
Twitter: @lgbtrightsghana
TikTok: @lgbtrightsghana

Alim El Gaddari

Alim is a Psychologist and sexologist by training. He has been working in the field of the fight against HIV/AIDS for more than 20 years. Alim’s work on sexual and reproductive health extends to sub-Saharan Africa, the Middle East, and the North African (MENA) region.

Facebook: @casablanca.alim

Axel Bautista

Coordinator of the HIV Agenda at Inspira Cambio A.C., Sociologist, and project manager who’s been working on different campaigns to increase visibility and awareness of the experiences of those living with HIV. Anti-racist, marica and sidoso.

Instagram: @axelrbautista
Twitter: @axelrbautista
TikTok: @axelrbautista

Charly Portocarrero

Charly Portocarrero is a Youtuber who created a channel called “Charly Gaymers” to stream gameplays and create videogames videos. Charly’s channel aims to empower the LGBTQ+ gaming community and highlights talented queer gamers.

YouTube: charlygaymersplay
Instagram: @charlyportocarrero
TikTok: @charlyportocarrero
Twitter: @chportocarrero
Twitch: @charlygaymers

Leonardo Rodriquez

Leo is a Colombian attorney with a degree in criminal law and more than 10 years of professional litigation experience. He defied stereotypes by working with the conservative wing of Colombian politics as a public official and simultaneously began producing adult content. After touring five countries with his work, he retired from the adult entertainment industry and now has resumed his work in the field of law. The breadth of his career has given him insight into much more than just law and has converted him into an activist for the rights of sex workers.

Twitter: @leogalileo1989

Doan Thang Tung

Doan Thanh Tung is the executive director of Lighthouse social enterprise and Lighthouse Community Clinic, a community organization led by and serving young key populations and the LGBTQ community in Viet Nam. Tung has more than 12 years of experience working to promote the community’s health and rights and to fight against HIV/AIDS through various programs, and initiatives.

Facebook: @tungteng12345

João Geraldo Netto

Brazilian, Digital Marketing Strategist, Sexuality Specialist, Social Mobilizer, Digital Content Creator for the YouTube channel “Super Indetectavel” and founder of the Multiverso Institute.

Instagram: @nettinhos
Twitter: @nettinhos
Youtube: Super Indetectavel

Jumoke Patrick

Jumoke Patrick is the Executive Director of the Jamaican network of Seropositives, a community-led organization that advocates for the rights and concerns of People Living with HIV.

Instagram: @jumokesp

Lucas Núñez

Lucas Núñez is a non-binary person (uses neutral and feminine pronouns: they/them/she/hers), visual artist, designer, and independent researcher. She participates in Cevvih (Circle of Students Living with HIV) in Chile as the coordinator of the communications and design area.

Instagram: @cevvih

Luckie Alexander

Luckie is founder of Invisible Men, has a passion for Gender and Social Justice and is very committed to giving back to the community through education, training, and awareness. He is a member of the Los Angeles County Transgender Advisory Council (TAC), CHIPTS CAB Member, HIV Commissioner, and a proud member & Historian of the Brown Boi Project and was the Director of Workforce Development at Trans Can Work.

Instagram: @LuckieAlexander
Twitter: @LuckieAlexander
TikTok: @LuckieTransGuy

Matthew Chukwudi Nwozaku

“Matthew ‘Blaise’ Nwozaku is a non-binary, openly gay activist in Nigeria. They’ve dedicated their lives and work to confronting the violence towards gender non-conforming persons & Queer people in Nigeria by creating safe spaces for the LGBTQI+ community, advocating for Queer rights through online and in-person events, and mobilizing actions.

Instagram: @matthew.blaise
Twitter: @Blaise_21

Nikolay Lunchekov

Nikolay Lunchenkov is an infectious diseases doctor and LGBTQI+ health consultant. He has experience both from a medical and community perspective, and the main research interest belongs to sexual health, PrEP, and substance use among gay men.

Instagram: @dr_lunchenkov

Oguzhan Nuh (Ozla)

Oğuzhan (Ozla) is a queer HIV activist and health services researcher from Turkey. As an openly gay man living with HIV, he works with and supports people from marginalized communities and those living with or affected by HIV. With over five years of experience working in public health, he’s currently finishing an MSc in Health Sciences in Switzerland. Ozla is also a Youth Ambassador for the International AIDS Society since 2018.

Instagram: @ozlanuh

Phil Samba

Phil Samba is a health promotion specialist, researcher, social activist, and writer with over five years of experience working in public health. His work primarily focuses on reducing the health inequalities of people of color and in particular, improving the sexual and mental health of queer men of color and increasing accurate visibility and representation for Black queer men.

Twitter: @IdiosyncraticXL
Instagran: @IdiosyncraticXL

Shogo Kemmoku

Shogo is a men’s sexual health educator and HIV Community activist in Japan. As the first Mr. Gay Japan 2018 event and the first Japanese representative in the 2018 Mr. Gay World, Shogo uses his experience as a teacher in both Japan and Australia to promote sexual health on YouTube targeting diverse sexualities.

Youtube: SHOGO Sensei
Twitter: @shogosensei1
Instagram: @shogosensei

Soufiane Hennani

Soufiane Hennani is a researcher in Health Sciences at Hassan II University in Casablanca, an independent activist for the rights of LGBTQI+ people, and a Queer Columnist. He is particularly interested in issues related to Moroccan Queer Identities and masculinities and as such he created 2020 MACHI ROJOLA, an alternative platform to rethink and question masculinity(s) in Morocco.

Facebook: Soufiane Hennani
Instagram: @souf.henn
Twitter: @souftweetings

Stephane Ku, MD

Dr. Stephane Wen-Wei Ku is an Infectious Diseases specialist and currently working as director of the Division of Infectious Diseases in Taiwan. His research interests include HIV/STI, Chemsex, and sexual wellbeing of the LGBTQ community, and has been actively involved in PrEP implementation in Taiwan.

Instagram: @stephaneku

Teo Drake

Teo Drake is Co-Leader of the Transforming Hearts Collective, an LGBTQ healing justice collective, and a founding member of the national advisory board of Positively Trans as a representative of trans men living with HIV/AIDS. He also serves on a number of other advisory boards and leadership bodies in the United States in the overlapping worlds of HIV/AIDS, LGBTQ advocacy, faith and spirituality, well-being, and anti-oppression.

Twitter: @TeoDrake
Instagram: @teo.drake