Policy and Advocacy

In the global policy arena, gay and bisexual men are constantly excluded or overlooked. Governments are reluctant to talk about issues around sexuality and often implement top-down approaches to address HIV and other STIs, which have been proven to disproportionately affect specific key populations.

We work to amplify the voices of members of marginalized communities and mobilize advocates to work in coalition. By working together to pressure global policy makers, we are able to ensure that programs are targeted and address stigma, discrimination, and violence men who have sex face and other marginalized groups face when accessing sexual health services.

Through monitoring national and international policy, we:

  • Advocate for increased and sustained funding for programs that address the unique needs of men who have sex with men at The Global Fund
  • Build skills among country-based advocates to hold PEPFAR accountable to their commitments
  • Raise awareness surrounding violence, discrimination, and criminalization related to sexual orientation and gender identity at the United Nations
  • Ensure the use of inclusive language in advocacy agendas that aim to promote comprehensive sexual health

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