Global Fund

Engaging Key Populations in Global Fund Processes

MPact communicates regularly with the Global Fund Board and Secretariat and advocate at global, regional and local levels to monitor Global Fund activities and help ensure that the needs of gay and bisexual men and other key populations are addressed appropriately. Furthermore, MPact participates in major strategic processes, such as Partnership Forums for the development of new strategy, Community Mobilization consultations, and gathering input from key population advocates and service providers to present to Global Fund decision makers. MPact supplements these efforts with frequent communiqués and information notes to our advocacy network, to support meaningful grassroots engagement by MSM and other key populations with the Global Fund.

In 2014-2015, MPact monitored the roll out of the New Funding Model in multiple Global Fund grant recipient countries. With this effort, we identified challenges for gay and bisexual men’s programming and relayed them to the Global Fund Secretariat. MPact believes that communities have an unprecedented opportunity to shape implementation of the New Funding Model, ensuring that it retains Global Fund’s commitment to key affected populations, and responds to their health and human rights concerns.

Case Studies

Thematic Study 1

Engagement in Governance and Decision-Making Structures

Thematic Study 3

Community Engagement in Gathering, Interpreting, and Utilizing Evidence

Thematic Study 2

Building Resilient and Collaborative Systems for Health Advocacy

Thematic Study 4

Advocacy and Leadership Skills for
Resilient Engagement