MPact's 2020 Annual Report

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A Letter From MPact’s Director of Programs

Every struggle is a reminder of how important our communities are to everything we do as advocates.

Many comparisons have been made between COVID-19 and the early years of the AIDS epidemic. History has repeated itself in many unfortunate ways. In the same way that AIDS took our friends, our lovers, and our families from us, this new pandemic has filled our communities with loss and with grief. Life-saving medicines have yet to reach the communities that need them most. LGBTI people have been unjustly blamed for the spread of the virus and denigrated as vectors of disease.

However, just as with the AIDS activism of the 80s, we also remember that no matter the circumstances, we will not let our voices go unheard.

In 2020, MPact issued timely guidance for gay communities about understanding and navigating the COVID-19 pandemic. We adapted to the new challenge of working digitally while serving our LGBTI partners worldwide. This resulted in numerous online advocacy interventions, technical assistance programs, and trainings being presented in powerful and innovative ways. At the HIV2020 Online Conference, thousands of key population advocates from around the world worked together to reclaim the global response to HIV.

We are grateful to all our friends and partners who have remained by our side over the years. As MPact looks forward to new leadership and strategic direction, we know we will remain stronger than ever with your continued support.

Dr. Mohan Sundararaj