Salud: Advocacy Groups Discuss HIV/AIDS in the Latino Community on Latino Health Advocacy Day

Nicole Akoukou Thompson
Original Article:

The Latino Commission on AIDS, the Hispanic Health Network, and other affiliate organizations gathered in Manhattan earlier this week for the third annual Latino Health Advocacy Day, and the groups educated the public about aging HIV-infected Latinos, strategies to engage Latino gay men, disparities and eliminating barriers, and safeguarding the future of young blacks and Latinos.?
Basic information on HIV/AIDS education, HIV prevention and HIV testing can be found scattered about the internet. And that stream of knowledge, which addresses signs and symptoms, exposure, risk, diagnosis and management, can be overwhelming for most. However, some bits of information about the lentivirus, HIV, should be hailed above the rest, particularly when the Latino community is concerned.?

Medical researchers, healthcare providers and advocacy groups work tirelessly to curb incidents of AIDS/HIV by spreading information throughout low income communities and cutting through the minefield of information with culturally relevant campaigns. This has led to a considerable drop in death rates among HIV-positive Latinos and African Americans. Also, their work could be credited for the potential discovery of a HIV vaccine, which could stomp out the virus and the ensuing fatal autoimmune disease, AIDS.

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