New NZAF worker targeting Asian MSM

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The most recent available figures for new HIV diagnoses suggest that as many as a quarter of all newly-discovered cases of HIV infection are being detected in Asian men who have sex with men. By comparison 60% of new diagnoses in 2013 were amongst New Zealand men of European descent, 7% were Maori and 9% were of other ethnicities. 

It is not known whether the infected Asian men contracted the virus in New Zealand or overseas but given the relatively small numbers of Asian men in New Zealand, and the low general prevalence of HIV here contrasted with major pools of infection in many Asian nations, it is likely that a significant proportion of cases diagnosed here represent overseas transmissions. The category "Asian" in available data covers a wide range of countries of origin.
In its announcement of Yun Huang to the position of Asian Community Engagement Coordinator, the NZAF says "Yun wants our Asian community to join us on this mission and together we can advance the wellbeing of Asians in New Zealand."

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