Nat'l LGBT Cancer Network Goes 'Behind Closed Drawers' on Anal Cancer

Winnie McCroy
Original Article:

When thinking about cancer, many people react with fear, confusion, sadness, and anger. Anal cancer can provoke all of these thoughts, along with additional feelings of embarrassment, uneasiness and a sense of stigma. As a result, the conversation about anal cancer is hidden in a place where the sun doesn’t shine.

Now, it’s time to shed your anxieties (and your pants) to face anal cancer head on. The National LGBT Cancer Network, in partnership with Tusk and Dagger, is launching a campaign to raise awareness about anal cancer and creating a directory of free/low cost LGBT-friendly anal cancer screening facilities across the country.

Like similar fundraisers including the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and the Shower Selfie Challenge, the National LGBT Cancer Network now invites you to show your support by donating to or texting "UNDIES" to 41444, then spreading the word by posting a photo of your underwear on social media and tagging it with #BehindClosedDrawers. They hope to use these photos to add a touch of levity to a subject that is difficult to talk about.

"Some are humorous, some are sexy; people did it in ways that not only showed their underwear which, let’s face it, is fascinating, but in ways that reflected them, like where they chose to place their underwear if they were not wearing them," said Liz Margolies, LCSW, Executive Director of the National LGBT Cancer Network.

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