Building the Cultural Foundation Toolkit

Around the globe, the sexual behaviors of gay and bisexual men who have sex with men (GBMSM) are often the subject of restrictive laws and policies that criminalize consensual sexual activities. This criminalization of consensual same-sex sexual acts (CSSSA) leaves our communities highly vulnerable to violence, poor health outcomes, incarceration, and death. Activists fight daily to change these policies so that they and their loved ones have opportunities to find community, sexual connection, love, and a chance to thrive.

Decriminalization advocacy is ultimately about changing laws and policies; however, many GBMSM are living in contexts where direct lobbying or protesting of leadership is unlikely to result in meaningful change or may even provoke a backlash. This publication is meant to briefly provide suggested activities for advocates to strategically focus their efforts on social and cultural change-makers who have the potential to shift culture, are more likely to respond to community advocacy, and build momentum for eventual policy change.