Black Trans People Address Creating Change Conference

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Original Article:

Sounding a defiant note, Ferguson activists took over the agenda Friday during a plenary session at Creating Change, the National LGBTQ Task Force’s annual conference. Their message: center black voices. Check your privilege. Recognize that killings of black and trans people constitute an emergency and an outrage — and do something about it.

It was the second such action in two days to call out the LGBT movement.

Indignant at not being invited to speak at the conference’s opening plenary Thursday, titled "Ferguson on Our Minds," the activists took the stage, as they had been invited to do, prior to Task Force executive director Rea Carey’s State of the Movement speech.

The audience greeted them with cheers, a standing ovation, and chants of "Black lives matter!"

The activists told the audience they had been allotted five minutes to speak. One by one, they took the mic and spoke with alarm, urgency, and anger — for well over five minutes.

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