The most effective advocacy initiatives, programs, and services are those grounded in solid evidence and cogent analysis of structural disparities. To support such efforts, MPact conducts innovative community-based participatory research that is developed, delivered, analyzed, and disseminated in collaboration with our global constituents.

Original Research & Case Studies
MPact benefits from more than 2 decades of accumulated experience in rigorous community-based participatory and action research. MPact has leveraged this experience to build a substantial portfolio of original research, including several large-scale case studies on the social and structural impacts on the health and rights of MSM across more than 160 countries.

Peer Reviewed Publications
In order to more widely disseminate the findings from MPact’s research and programmatic efforts, MPact develops scholarly articles for publication in peer-reviewed journals. Articles published in peer-reviewed journals focus on strategies and lessons learned from MPact’s own projects, as well as broader health and human rights issues concerning men who have sex with men.

Posters and Presentations 
MPact is committed to ensuring that crucial information about gay men and other men who have sex with men is disseminated at major international gatherings. MPact prepares and delivers posters and presentations that share insights from our grassroots constituents and utilizes findings from our community-based research efforts to inform and shape global discourse about the needs of men who have sex with men.