Zimbabwe gay community also needs rights

Published: November 6, 2011

HARARE – Homosexuality has been acknowledged since the biblical times and comes as something not entirely new in Zimbabwe.

In Zimbabwe, the gay community that comes out to declare their preference in the open are actually just a fraction of the total gay community.

The gay community in Zimbabwe is made up of company owners, company executives, directors, managers, school teachers, doctors and ordinary people.

There are some companies or clubs that comprise of gay people only.

You are rest assured that you will not get a job at those companies if you are not one of them, and they have their own nightclubs where they meet.

And one cannot tell that this group is made of gay personalities or not, because the practice involves men and women, so their association may not give any leads.

The recent outbursts at Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai’s support of gay rights as a human right are not supported by logic, but driven by a political desire to please President Robert Mugabe who has over the years spoken against homosexuality.

The problem with Zanu PF officials and those surrounding Mugabe is that whatever the “Dear Leader” says, they parrot it and treat it as gospel.

For instance, Zimbabwe’s withdrawal from the Commonwealth was a result of a mere statement Mugabe made about the organisation and MPs stampeded to sponsor a motion in Parliament calling for a withdrawal without considering the opportunity costs.

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