Zambian charge: Defendant's anti-AIDS advocacy was immoral

Published: October 30, 2013

 Legal proceedings against AIDS fighter Paul Kasonkomona continued Oct. 29 on the charge that, by proposing the repeal of Zambia’s anti-homosexuality law, he was “soliciting for immoral purposes.”

Here is what Kasonkomona said on Muvi TV, as described by Anneke Meerkotter, a lawyer for the Southern Africa Litigation Centre, which has been helping Kasonkomona:
Kasonkomona made an impassioned plea for recognition of the human rights of all individuals in order to stem HIV transmission. Kasonkomona explained that he had been living with HIV for 15 years – “The last thing I want to see today or tomorrow is a person who is HIV negative today testing HIV positive tomorrow.”
He argued that the abstinence campaign had not resulted in a reduction in HIV incidence, even among heterosexual people, and that every intervention to prevent HIV should be embraced, including decriminalising same-sex sexual practices and improving access to safer sex materials for LGBT persons.
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