Zambia to Host 1-Day World Class Conference On HIV/Aids

Published: April 14, 2013

Zambia to Host 1-Day World Class Conference On

THIS week, I look at the forthcoming HIV/AIDS conference to be hosted in Lusaka, Zambia, by Zambia AIDS Research Foundation in conjuction with Treatment Advocacy Literacy Campaign (TALC) at the Golden Bridge Hotel on May 17, 2013. The conference, according to one of the organisers Samuel Kumar, an HIV activist and counsellor, is important in that a wide range of topics would be discussed.

These include: diet/nutrition for people living with HIV (PLWHA) and foods to avoid & food myths, scientific reasons for male circumcision – a detailed explanation, how to prevent MTCT, three scientific reasons why you need to go for an HIV test, top 10 advices for PLWHA that will improve the quality of life and 10 advices for people newly diagnosed with HIV.

Others topics will be how to prevent contracting HIV, modes of transmission and risk factors – a detailed analysis, how to avoid resistance to ARVs and testing for resistance, five classes of ARVs, 10 myths surrounding HIV /AIDS – a scientific explanation, why do some people progress to AIDS quicker than others, why is a cure for AIDS elusive and latest research into Gene therapy cure & how HIV vaccines are made and anatomy of HIV and how ARV’s work in the HIV life cycle. Others are understanding acute symptoms, stages of HIV, opportunistic infections, viral load, CD 4 count, CD 8 and PCR diagnostic methods, shortening the window period P24 Ag/Ab test, treatment and diagnosis of HIV /AIDS, HIV immunology & virology, vertical transmission – a detailed analysis, hypothesis about the origin of AIDS, co-infection of HIV with malaria and TB, important tips on safe sex practices and effectiveness of condoms and four types of condoms.

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