Your ideas for action in UNAIDS strategy on young people and HIV needed!

Published: January 26, 2012

Your ideas for action in UNAIDS strategy on young people and HIV needed! 

We are excited to announce that CrowdOutAIDS has achieved two significant milestones and now moves into the find solutions phase!

The next couple of weeks CrowdOutAIDS will focus on high level strategic interactions with you to agree on actions to include in the new strategy document. This will be done via a new application on the CrowdOutAIDS website: The CrowdOutAIDS solution app!

The app allows YOU to suggest and vote up concrete actions that you think should be included in the new UNAIDS strategy on young people and HIV.

Based on preliminary analysis of key concerns and recommendations expressed in the Open Online and Offline forums, we have developed 7 strategic areas for action. For each area we have formed a question as well as a background rationale. Actions can be voted up and down by the crowd.

Click on the links to submit your actions for each of the strategic priority areas: 
• Strategic partnerships
• Transparent participation
• Increase (out) reach
• Leverage innovation
• Accessible information
• Smarter funding
• Skills for leadership
Introducing CrowdOutAIDS Drafting Committee members

Your suggestions in the solutions app will be worked into the strategy by the Online Drafting Committee. The 10 selected young men and women will spend the next couple of weeks analyzing the data collated from all the Online and Offline Forums, using different online tools to work collaboratively to finalize the strategy.

The actual drafting will be done via a GoogleDocs application. All CrowdOutAIDS participants will be able to comment on the content of the strategy as it is drafted in real time. Click here to meet the team!

Building momentum

The CrowdOutAIDS team presented the project progress thus far to UNAIDS Executive Director Mr Michel Sidibé. Mr Sidibé asked us to convey that he will be following the work of the drafting committee and the participants closely as we move to finalize the strategy. We are also planning an online event with Mr Sidibé towards the middle of February where you will be able to interact directly with the Executive Director.
Connections for shared knowledge

With active participation from all different regions of the world, CrowdOutAIDS has connected over 5 000 young people in online and offline forums. You have shared your experience and ideas on youth participation, leadership and HIV. We thank you all for your willingness to participate, and look forward to take the next step in the process with you via the CrowdOutAIDS solution app!

Don’t forget to share this newsletter with your network! Forward it to at least five young people who are active in your community.

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