Young persons friendly Role Plays support decisions for HIV risk reduction: Meta-Analysis of RAHU records 2010-2011

Published: February 19, 2012

Planned round the year seminars on Health, HIV and life-skills targeting young persons from ages-9-20 years both in school and out of school can act as a mobilisation tool targeting young persons in Uganda. This paper shows that young person friendly seminars on Sexual reproductive health and HIV/AIDS impact on their uptake by young persons.

Through pedagogic presentation, using short films, Q/A , FGDs, role plays, using role models and mentors it was possible to reach out to young persons. During the FGDs, the following were vulnerabilities of young persons and these constituted major Q/A processes: engaging in unprotected sexual intercourse for gifts; lack of opportunities to voice fears about HIV, unwanted/ unplanned pregnancies; lack of risk reduction skills and commodities in the face of HIV; peer pressure to engage in sexual intercourse; life skills and goal setting opportunities; substance use and dependence.

11,143 young persons (4, 688 males: 6,455 females) were reached with SRH messages. Using short, visual aids and role plays it was possible to impart goal setting skills and take participants through life planning skills. Role models shared lived experiences including wrong decisions made in their lives. Topics on experimenting in sexual intercourse, substance use and recklessness as young people grow were discussed. Participants were able to make pledges to delay sex, stick to studies and to take up community activities as a means of giving back to their communities.

Such opportunities are supporting risk reduction decisions of young people as they continue engaging in quality life preserving lifestyles, practices and behaviours.

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