Young gay Scots see monogamy as protection from HIV

Published: November 5, 2014

Dan Littauer
Original Article:

Research carried out University of Glasgow suggests that young gay men in Scotland often rely on trust rather than testing as means of ensuring a monogamous partner is HIV negative.

The results were presented in GAYCON 2014, the 5th National Conference for Scotland on Gay and Bisexual Men’s Health and Wellbeing, according to a report by Aidsmap.

Doctoral student, Nicola Boydell, conducted interviews with 30 Scottish gay men aged 18 to 29, asking them to describe what constitutes for them “safer sex.”

A recurring theme in interviews was the desire to stop using condoms in the context of a committed relationship.

“If it was just like a casual thing, I would always use condoms and then if we’re going out like, at the start for like a couple of months depending on the person, we would use a condom and then after that if like we trusted each other, if I trusted him, we wouldn’t,” said one of the interviewees.

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