Year in Review: HIV Prevention Gathers Steam

Published: December 23, 2010

As part of the Year in Review series, MedPage Today reporters are revisiting major news stories and following up with an analysis of the impact of the original report, as well as subsequent news generated by the initial publication. Here’s what’s happened on the HIV prevention front since we published the first 2010 piece on the topic.

The applause after a scientific presentation is usually perfunctory. But in a packed hall in Vienna, it went on and on, with many of the 500-strong audience standing and cheering.

For the first time, a microbicide gel — a product that could be used by women — had been shown to reduce the risk of acquiring HIV.

The moving spectacle at the World AIDS Conference arose partly from relief — several previous efforts had ended in failure — and partly from enthusiasm: A prevention method that does not rely on men alone has long been regarded as an important weapon in the fight.

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