World Aids Day: How Ireland is living with HIV/AIDS for more than 30 years

Published: December 1, 2014

The Irish Times
Niall Mulligan & James Goulding
Original Article:

Today is World Aids Day. For more than 30 years Ireland has been living with HIV/Aids. It is time to begin a conversation that speaks the truth about HIV and that challenges society on how to respond to HIV. This conversation is crucial if we are to tear down the fear and prejudice that still surrounds people who live with HIV, a fear and prejudice that is more widespread here than we may want to believe. Given the 7,000-plus men and women who were diagnosed HIV-positive in Ireland since the 1980s, a significant number of whom died due to Aids, this conversation is long overdue.

Surely it is more than coincidence that the high figures among MSM and migrants sits with individuals who already experience marginalisation within society? This in turn leads to greater barriers to accessing HIV testing and treatment alongside prevention support such as free condoms and information on transmission.

If we don’t take responsibility for HIV, it will make it increasingly difficult for people to become aware of the risks, especially for those who already find themselves excluded because of their sexuality or country of origin.

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