Workshop to develop a consensus on sexual diversity

Published: October 12, 2010


Event Name: Workshop Consensus on Sexual Diversity concepts "
Target audience: special guests working in the field of Sexual Diversity at the National Level and promoters of REDTRANS
Facilitator: Alejandro Sánchez C.
Place of Performance Classrooms CIES
Date: October 12, 2010


General objective:

 The purpose of this workshop is to analyze the perceptions and assessments of the concepts of sexual diversity with special participants from other organizations and REDTRANS from their personal, mainly due to their role as promoters of sexual health care in their communities .

Specific objective:

1. emphasize the importance of a positive assessment of sexual diversity, valuation is determined by the interaction with the world of diversity, through a constructive reflection from his own experience.

2. Recognize the meanings, beliefs and values that people attribute to the concept of sexual diversity.

Identify the importance given by participants to the workshop to the reflection of sexual diversity as a factor in the overall health of individuals and professional practice.


In the process of the workshop presented several exhibitions using as support the Data
Likewise Show group work was carried out to produce the different presentations on the concepts of sexual diversity, using as guides Working for this purpose.

As home to activities methodological changes were made because the exercise of "put on my shoes," originally scheduled to return for a video presentation of sexuality in animals, this change was due to two reasons, the first the group was too large and the classroom did not provide the conditions, and the time required was very short, second that the video shows the nature of animals expressing the different forms of sexuality, which would strengthen the topics discussed during the workshop otherwise everything is developing as planned for this workshop.

III. Activities developed

To achieve the objective of the workshop were presented in a PowerPoint presentation, a series of concepts about sexual diversity of people mostly young college students of both sexes from different Latin American countries, which explained their ideas and knowledge in this field, depending their geographical and cultural areas. At the same time, many scientific concepts presented by renowned specialists, to end this cycle of information on sexual diversity concepts presented a video are not the problem, we are part of the solution in order to analyze the content of the video from each of the experiences of the participants, their knowledge, concerns, successes and other important aspects.

IV. And conclusion:

In the afternoon they worked in groups and developed a consensus document on the concepts of sexual diversity and these were the results:

Group No. 1

"These are the different ways we express our feelings, our sexual attitudes, not linked to the genre with which we are born, but what we feel and express, through the roles that are played within each identity (LGBITH). You speak without fear of criticism with our gender identity, "" Everyone is entitled to a free sexuality "


Brenda G.
Paola V.
Yusi O.
Shane B.
Elijah C.
Dayana C.

Group No. 2

"It’s the sexual relationship between people, animals or things in a broad and open, or all types of sexual preference identity with very broad, having limited to either male, female, trans, lesbian, heterosexual, bisexual, transgender, intersex ".


Nahomi Channels
Yadira Carrillo
Massiel Manoly
Ruby Ludwika
Rachel Frixione

Group No. 3

"Sexual diversity that each individual is what we feel inside, and this is part of nature because even the same animal without reason, look like having sex with the same sex, this implies that ships which occurs in us is part of nature and nature is beautiful and accepted by God because God created nature. "

"A form of expression for each person identified by their sexual orientation.

Jess Alston
Indiana Martínez
Daysi Cáceres
Zamora Omier
Sasha Montenegro

Group 4

"It is that social expression, mood, physical, psychological, covering everything about the way an individual expresses his feelings at the time of seeking affection and be with someone of the opposite sex and same."

"It covers all generic and sexual expressions."

"Is sexuality without barriers impeding express."

"My sexuality has nothing to do with my choice of genero2

"It is the extension of sexuality in all its forms"


Mystic Warrior
López Cedalia
Orlando Andean
Sandra Escorcia
Alex Rodriguez

 Group No. 5

"We know how to Sexual Diversity different expressions that occur in human sexuality, which is manifested in the course of our lives, this being part of a whole, encompassing all human beings inside and out, which time is dynamic, not static. "


Castle Fountain

Group 6

"I understand that sexual diversity is a set of gender, gay, bisexual, trans, mara me that sexual diversity are all"

"Sexual diversity is a group of people with thoughts, feelings, expressions of a different form as required or as normal heterosexual

"It’s the inner self of each person, is what you decide no matter what imposed by society"

"Sexual Diversity is what we dare to discover for himself, without prejudices or principles imposed by society


Campos Eliet
Life Francis Jimenez
Marcela Zuniga
Yosling Quijano

VI. Recommendations
To deepen this dialogue to jointly build the theme of sexual diversity and human rights.
deepen the implications of stigma and discrimination, Trans-Homo-Lesbo-Bi: phobic.
Increased involvement of institutions of both the state education ministry, Health (to know the reality of this population) and they are also sub-recipients of Global Fund.
Strengthening the Trans population in order to build strategic alliances.
other agencies that support these two networks in their national work.
strengthen the promoters of the REDTRANS and REDTRASEX.
Last considerations:
It is important to train them on issues of sexuality, homophobia, transphobia, stigma and discrimination and all forms of sexual expression because they lack a little knowledge of the subject in her work as promoters and the time devoted to these workshops is very little for them to internalize all this knowledge ..

Silvia  Rosibel Martinez
Referente Nacional Titular de  la REDLACTRANS
Coordinadora  Nacional REDTRANS
Punto focal  del Observatorio Latino AID  for AIDS
email de la  Referente  de Nicaragua :
telefono 22783700  ext 223
fax 505-22786775
"No somos el problema  somos  parte de la  solucion ""

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