Working Group on the Universal Periodic Review for Moldova Twelfth session

Published: October 14, 2011

The recommendations accepted by Moldova include:

73.24 Prevent discrimination of social minorities, such as Roma people and LGBT persons and adopt a comprehensive anti-discrimination law (Poland);
[By the way, I think this may also be the first time Poland has made an explicitly pro-LGBT recommendation during the UPR]

73.26 Intensify its efforts to address discrimination against Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals and Transsexuals (LGBT), and investigate and prosecute crimes against LGBT-community members (Norway);

73.27 Redouble efforts to protect the rights of members of minority religious, ethnic and social groups, and particularly focus on protecting members of the LGBT community from both official and societal discrimination (USA);

73.28 Action in order to build broad support for LGBT-rights in the new comprehensive anti-discrimination law (Sweden);

73.55 Allow members of the LGBT communities the right to freedom of expression and assembly (Australia);

73.56 Take concrete measures to raise public awareness about LGBT rights, including the guarantee of the right of assembly and association (Spain);

73.57 Ensure that public events planned by the LGBT, religious and other rights groups are permitted and adequately policed, according to the obligations of the Republic of Moldova under international human rights law (UK);

Additional recommendations supported by Moldova, which considers that they are in the process of implementation:

75.4 Adopt a law on the fight against all forms of discrimination and clearly guarantee, in its domestic law, the freedom of expression and therefore the right for LGBT persons to peaceful demonstrations (France)

75.11 Continue efforts to adopt and implement the legislative framework to prevent, punish and eliminate all forms of discrimination, with special attention to gender equality and discrimination based on sexual orientation and disability (Mexico).

The following recommendation will be examined by Moldova, which will provide a response no later than the 19th session of the Human Rights Council in March 2012:

76.4 Commit internationally to the rights of the LGBT community by signing the Joint Statement on LGBT human rights from the March 2011 session of the Human Rights Council (United States).

Moldova also accepted recommendation 73.16 by Poland to "engage civil society in the UPR follow-up process".

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