Why I am too gay to attend a spelling bee in Belize

Published: April 29, 2013

Most advocates usually focus on the needs of others, but I am departing from this model for a very personal reason. I hope when you read the information below you will join my letter writing campaign: ‘Self-Respect, Solidarity and Section 5’ to get me to my son’s spelling bee finals in Belize.

Don’t worry, this is not a plea for funds.

You see, in a matter of weeks, my brilliant boy will be competing in the National Spelling Bee Finals in Belize. However, as a gay man, I am legally barred from entering the country to see him.

This is because Section 5 of Belize’s Immigration Act bans the entry of homosexuals, as well as persons who are mentally challenged (described as ‘any idiot or any person who is insane or mentally deficient…’) and the physically disabled (described as ‘deaf and dumb or deaf and blind, or dumb and blind…’). Together, we are all considered ‘prohibited classes’.

I could possibly sneak into the country, but, out of self-respect, and in solidarity with all unjustly prohibited persons, I refuse to visit Belize until the discriminatory law is repealed.

I have also been told that I could get a government waiver, but this would amount to me being declared an ‘honorary heterosexual’, in much the same way that blacks who did business with the Apartheid-era regime in South Africa were declared ‘honorary whites’.

Such a demeaning prospect is unthinkable to me.

I have initiated a case before the highest court in the region, the Caribbean Court of Justice, to have this law struck down, but I need your support. I am therefore asking you to write to the government of Belize (see contact information below) and state if you believe the law should be abolished.

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