What can the gay rights movement learn from the civil rights movement?

Published: June 10, 2014

International filmmaker Yoruba Richen, known for films like The New Black and her work with PBS, has done an amazing Ted Talk on how the fight for LGBTQ Equality can learn from the Civil Rights movement of the 60′s.

Richen details her experience being both a member of the LGBTQ community and an African American – how the issues some black people had with LGBTQ people bubbled to the surface and dominated the media landscape. “It pissed me off” she says.

But this anger turned into creative energy which lead to the production of her new movie – to tell the story of how the fight for equality was put at odds with the fight for civil rights.

The video below shows Richen running through the historic timeline between the two movements – it’s educational and impressive. At 17+ minutes, I suggest setting some time aside to watch it in it’s entirety.

Full text of article available at link below –

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