We're Hiring! Coordinator, Community Mobilization

MPact is hiring. Join our team as a Community Mobilization Coordinator. Be part of our ongoing efforts to build community among gay, bisexual, and queer folks and advance human rights.


Coordinator, Community Mobilization

Continue to develop and expand the MPact Global Action grassroots networks of individuals and organizations, supporting network members to access the information, resources, and partners they need to achieve their goals for gay, bisexual and other men who have sex with men (GBMSM) health and human rights. Development of the MPact Global Action collaborative work with local and regional networks and organizations of GBMSM around the world, including newer formations of activists. This portfolio includes US domestic initiatives focused on queer Latinx and gay men of color living with HIV 50 years old and above.

This position is responsible for expanding, developing, and enhancing MPact Global Action’s network, including the services and support provided to the MPact Global Action network members. Expand and enhance collaborations between MPact Global Action and other regional networks of GBMSM, including the services and support provided by the MPact Global Action to regional networks. Lead and take sole responsibility for development of strategic plans and implementation of strategies developed. Manage relationships with contractors and partners in service of strategy implementation and will establish schedules and other logistical necessities to ensure successful strategic implementation.

For partnership building, the position is required to identify individual and organizational partners in the US who identify as queer Latinx and gay men of color living with HIV 50 years old and above. This will include implementing MPact partner framework, maintaining coalition communication, and ensuring accountability to the framework for all partners. This requires organization and follow-through in culturally appropriate ways.

For community education, the position will develop and execute education initiatives that are culturally appropriate and meaningful to GBMSM communities in the US and abroad. In particular, the position must understand queer Latinx communities and gay men of color living with HIV 50 years old and above. The position will do public speaking (in-person and online) and conduct trainings to educate GBMSM on health and vaccine issues.

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