WATCH: Young and Gay in Belgrade Focuses on LGBT Serbian Bravery Amid Bigotry

Published: October 23, 2014

Thom Senzee
Original Article:

Last month, Serbian LGBT activists held their first Pride parade in four years. In marching through the capital city of Belgrade, the activists faced down vicious taunts from throngs of hate-spewing protestors.

The venom and animus that boils over in the shouts of the masses gathered in Belgrade’s main square is a visceral shock to the senses, brought home in a new documentary film from Vice News, Young and Gay in Belgrade.

"Kill the faggots!" is the clarion call of tens of thousands of nighttime protesters waiting outside the government building in Belgrade to find out whether a modest contingent of LGBT Serbians and allies will be allowed to "desecrate" the streets of Belgrade with a simple Pride parade.

Aside from the unabashed hatred, the scenes are unsettling because so many of the protesters are teenagers and children. They look like ordinary youths, some with emo-punk hairstyles and cherubic faces. Yet their words belie the truth. One young protester, a blonde girl with a stylish, spiky asymmetrical-chop hairdo says the Pride parade had "better" take place, so the marchers can face what she describes only with a violent hand gesture.

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