Watch: This is what trans people are forced to go through in 34 European countries

Nick Duffy
Original Article:

A video has been released showing some of the hurdles trans people to go through to gain access to legal gender recognition.

Transgender Europe released the clip to raise awareness of some of the archaic regulations that govern gender – with some countries still regarding trans people as mentally ill.

TGEU said: “For most trans people in Europe, it is either impossible or very difficult and humiliating to get a passport or other identity documents with their correct name and gender.

“In fact, 34 countries in Europe still do not allow a trans person to change their name and registered gender without invasive and abusive requirements that violate their human rights.

3 of the worst requirements are being forced to undergo sterilisation and other medical interventions, being forced to get a divorce (if married), or having to receive a diagnosis of mental illness, despite not being mentally ill, or a ‘psychological opinion’.

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