Visibility – Parade. Protest and Citizenship – Caribbean IRN Update October 2014

Published: October 31, 2014

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Suriname was the venue for the Second Women and Sexual Diversity Conference For LBT Activists .  Paige Andrew writes about her experience at the conference.

The Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network, LGBT Platform Suriname, and LGBTI Aware Caribbean conducted a  4 day "train the trainer" LGBTI sensitization training programme for Suriname police in October.

There is an announcement that US NGO Human Rights Watch will be visiting Suriname in 2015  though not for Coming Out Week.

Human Rights Watch also releases a film "Unchecked Homophobic Violence in Jamaica".

How are Caribbean men dealing with diverse sexualities?  Richie Maitland from Grenada talks about being a straight man involved in LGBT activism; and UNAIDS in the Caribbean releases the results of the Caribbean Men’s Internet Survey.

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