Violent attacks on IDAHO events in St Petersburg and Tbilisi

Published: May 18, 2012

In St Petersburg an official authorised IDAHO event took place. Over 300 people gathered, however about 100-150 members of nationalist, soccer-fan, and aggressive clerical groups chanted homophobic extremist slogans, ready to charge at protesters. A row of police stood as buffer, holding the aggressors at bay. Despite the charged atmosphere, the IDAHO event was a success. The police and organisers of the rally provided buses that took the participants to safety. Unfortunately, violence could not be avoided. Two LGBT activists were attacked and are filing reports with the police.

See images from St Petersburg by the ILGA-Europe member organisation Coming Out here

In Tbilisi, a peaceful pride march was planned for this year IDAHO. This was the first time that LGBTI activists had managed to stage a public pride event in Georgia. However religious counter demonstrators disrupted the event, and fist fight broke out. Police intervened and people from both sides were detained.

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