Video: Two-step on LGBT rights in Montenegro

Published: December 13, 2011

A Montenegrin actor who took part in a pro-LGBT video has received death threats.

Todor Vujoševi? received serious threats after starring in a video for LGBT rights in the small Balkan country.

The video shows Vujoševi? as one of the players in a spot where two boys kiss passionately while celebrating the success of their football team. Titled ‘We are also part of the team’, the spot is part of the first campaign for LGBT rights launched in Montenegro. The campaign, whose slogan is ‘okay to be different!’, was conducted by the Center for Civic Education (CGO ), in collaboration with the group LGBT Forum Progress, and has the support of the Embassy of Canada.

Danilo Marunovi?, director of the video, said that he was extremely concerned by the threats and fears that this is "just the beginning". Marunovi? revealed that none of the actors is actually gay, and just wanted to help in a campaign for LGBT rights. The news of the threats has attracted the interest of the media throughout the former Yugoslavia.

Montenegrin Prime Minister, Igor Luksic, has publicly supported LGBT rights, including what would have been the first LGBT Pride march in the country and which was eventually suspended by the organizers after a tear gas attack against a ‘gay-friendly’ concert.

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