Video: New photography show in London portrays gay Iraqi refugees in Syria

Published: August 30, 2011

Photo exhibition and a short film about the lives of gay Iraqi men seeking refuge in Damascus, Syria due to their sexuality. Includes talk with Bradley Secker, Dan Littauer and Peter Tatchell. We also will have a chance to speak live via skype to one of the refugees featured in the exhibition.

Homophobic violence against Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Iraqis have claimed over 750 lives since 2003 and caused a massive exodus, with the most favoured destination being Syria. This despite that homosexuality is illegal under Syrian law and conviction resulting in a three year prison sentence.

This has become an acute issue as since October 2010 the Syrian Secret Police has started systematic raids against LGBT gatherings and meetings all over Syria. Things have now escalated even further with the on-going turmoil of the Syrian revolution. While previously people managed to “function” somehow under discrimination, the situation is now intolerable. Iraqi gays suffer even more; they are unwanted people in Iraq, in Syria, and are hated both by their own diaspora and the Syrian regime.

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