Video: LGBT Africa discussion at London film festival

Published: March 30, 2010

Video: LGBT Africa discussion at London film festival

This panel discussion at the BFI London Lesbian and Gay Film Festival took place after showings of the following short films:

    * The Kuchus of Uganda

Particularly inspiring in light of changes in the law that happened after this film was made, this is a documentary about SMUG (Sexual Minorities Uganda), a group of radical LGBT activists who risk their lives in order to push for queer rights. Piehl follows this brave group as they try to reason with medical academics and struggle to undo the damage done by colonial laws and years of Missionary intervention in Uganda.

    * The House of Rainbow

The House of Rainbow MCC church operated in Nigeria for two years. This is a portrait of the group and their charismatic preacher celebrating their 2nd birthday. The church is unfortunately no longer able to operate.

    * Mosa

A young woman tries to get on with her life after becoming the victim of ‘corrective rape’, a common practice in South Africa.

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