Video: 'Laws are great,' but LGBTI struggle must go further

Colin Stewart
Original Article:

Laws guaranteeing human rights for LGBTI people have their limits.

“Laws are great, but they don’t make you full. They don’t stop you from being raped. Economic empowerment and poverty alleviation is what we need. Stand by us,” says Jabu Pereira of South Africa in this week’s video from the “Quorum” series of 11 discussions of international LGBTI issues.

HIV infection are huge, growing problems, Pereira said.

That was why the activist media group Iranti-org was founded, Pereira said.

“We had to document and make sure that our black queer lives mattered, that it had to be visiblized, it had to be on the national and international agenda.”

That is how violence can be confronted and defeated, Pereira said, citing specific cases of violence against transgender and lesbian South Africans.

“Documentation is what we do to assure that evidence is gathered so we can advocate for justice.”

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