Urge the FDA to Correct Female Condom Information

Published: April 29, 2014

Organizations: Urge the FDA to update the FC2 female condom label and its website to reflect the current state of the evidence regarding the effectiveness and safety of female condoms.

The current packaging information on the FC2 female condom, which is mandated by the FDA, as well as the FC2 information on the FDA website, is not consistent with the latest research findings on female condoms.

The language on the FC2 packaging sends women and men the message that female condoms are inferior to male condoms and should only be used if male condom use is not possible. These statements do not accurately characterize the safety, efficacy, and benefits of the female condom and should be removed.

The wording on the FDA website describing female condoms should also be updated to include more complete information about what the FC2 female condom is made of, accurate information about possible side effects, and expanded information about how people can access female condoms in their communities

Add your organization to the list of those urging the FDA to update the package labeling and website information to accurately represent the FC2 female condom! 

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