UPR: Iraq

Published: June 11, 2010

UPR: Iraq

Mr. President, distinguished members of the delegation,

We commend Iraq’s acceptance of recommendations 73 & 74 of paragraph 81 of the Working Group report, in which Iraq commits to take measures to end extrajusdicial killings of persons based on their sexual orientation.

We would ask what steps specifically the Government plans to take to fulfil these commitments and end these killings?

UNAMI reports a number of assassinations of homosexuals in Iraq, many of which are unreported by family members for fear of further abuse. Stakeholders have also documented widespread extrajudicial killings of persons on the basis of their actual or presumed sexual orientation. Many men assumed to be gay have been mutilated and their bodies dumped in the streets, while others have been forced to flee Iraq after receiving death threats.

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