UNAIDS PCB NGO Delegation Update: February 2011

Published: March 9, 2011

UNAIDS PCB NGO Delegation Update: February 2011

Advocacy tools now translated! Stigma and Discrimination: Hindering Effective HIV Responses

The 2010 NGO Report was developed from a ten-language survey in which more than 1500 of you participated. We now have translations of the global and regional reports available online! These reports show how stigma and discrimination hinder our path to universal access. Please use these in your own work and share them widely!

Unified Budget and Accountability Framework Subcommittee

The Unified Budget and Accountability Framework (UBAF) is an important tool for planning, managing, monitoring and reporting on the activities of the Joint UN Programme for HIV/AIDS. The UBAF aims to operationalize the UNAIDS 2011-2015 Strategy and should clearly show UNAIDS activity at global and regional levels. This accountability tool is being developed now for approval at the June 2011 board meeting. The subcommittee working on the UBAF includes civil society representation via two NGO Delegates. The first meeting was held in December and attended by Rathi Ramanathan (Asia and Pacific) and Rhon Reynolds (Europe), shadowed by Ebony Johnson (North America). The next consultation will be March 10 in Geneva and the next subcomittee meeting March 11. See our website for a full consultation timeline and documents, as well as the official UNAIDS UBAF page.

UNAIDS Partnership Strategy

UNAIDS held a meeting to discuss the UNAIDS Guidance Document on Partnership with Civil Society and People Living with HIV in early February, which was attended by NGO Delegates Rhon Reynolds (Europe), Felicita Hikuam (Africa) and Nadia Rafif (Africa). The Strategy, based on a decision from the 25th PCB, intends to look at how Cosponsors and the Secretariat engage with civil society coherently. The Delegation has raised several concerns about the discussions thus far and is requesting that the future document: outlines indicators for Cosponsors engaging with civil society at country-level; demonstrates commitment to not only PLHIV but also key populations; focuses at the national level and builds partnerships that have impact on the ground; and ensures information-sharing, technical support and capacity-building to civil society. The consultation is ongoing but moving fast; you can stay up-do-date on our website.

Have Your Voice Heard: Universal Access Consultations

Throughout March and April, several regional civil society consultations will take place in the lead up to the UN General Assembly 2011 Comprehensive AIDS Review in June 2011. You will find dates and key contacts as well as background information and ways to get involved on our website.

Civil Society Task Force for the Comprehensive AIDS Review

Abdullah Denovan, Asia and Pacific NGO Delegate, joins 11 other civil society representatives on the Civil Society Task Force. Their role is to assist the effective and meaningful participation of civil society and the private sector in the 2011 Review by helping to shape the dialogue at the April Civil Society Hearing and June High Level UNGASS meeting. The first Task Force meeting took place from 21-25 February in New York (attended by Ebony Johnson due to visa delay for Denovan). Note: the registration deadline for the Hearing and Review has passed.

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