Uganda's "Kill the Gays" Bill Firmly Back on Parliament's Agenda

Published: February 7, 2012

The Liberian newspaper News Day recently labelled the city of Monrovia in Liberia “a hotbed of homosexual activities.”

The newspaper reported that, “even though there is no exact data to say how many people are homosexuals, many people interviewed believe the number is expected to rise if same-sex marriage is legislated in Liberia.”

The news report written by journalist Throble Suah quoted anonymous gay sources saying many Liberians were involved in the practice both at home and abroad, including former and current public officials, who could not wait to see the legalization of same sex marriage introduced.

According to the newspaper, the reaction of the anonymous gay source was due to a “Credible but unconfirmed information spreading across Liberia, which suggests that few groups of Liberians are currently pushing for gay rights in the country,” FrontPage Africa reported.

FrontPage Africa also mentioned that, ‘the source of the information is yet unknown but there are speculations that a bill seeking to legalize same-sex marriage in Liberia has been crafted for onward presentation to the 53rd legislature for passage into law.”

The Bill, which is yet to be presented to the Parliament, is already attracting condemnation from lawmakers such as John Ballout, the Maryland County Senator.

In an interview with the press, Senator Ballout was reported to have said, “I will not support any bill that has to do with gay rights. I am a Christian who believes in God and as such, I cannot vote for such bill.”

Conversely, Ballout stated that, “While it is true that I will not support it, but those who think act is right, they should be given their rights.”

Another lawmaker who strongly expressed opposition to gay rights is Lofa County Representative, Clarence Massaquoi who said, “I do not think that such bill will ever enter this Capitol Building for passage into law but if it does enter the legislature, we will throw it out in less than a minute.

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