Ugandan minister confirms planning of new anti-gay law that cannot be challenged

Published: November 11, 2014

Scott Roberts
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The minister, who spoke on condition of anonymity, told the BBC that the proposed bill will be a streamlined version of the annulled Anti-Homosexuality Act.
It will clarify what constitutes the promotion and funding of “unnatural” acts, he said.

The comments reinforce claims by Ugandan human rights lawyer Nicholas Opiyo, who last week announced he had obtained a leaked version of the new draft bill – titled ‘The Prohibition of the Promotion of Unnatural Sexual Practices Bill’ – which is even harsher than the original act.

In addition to banning homosexuality outright, Uganda would also adopt a Russia-style ban on the “promotion” of homosexuality, which can be used to stifle dissent.

Broader-reaching parts of the law also target charities and NGOs who work on LGBT rights, attacking “funding for purposes of promoting unnatural sexual practices”, and also makes it a crime to “make a representation … by whatever means of a person engaged in real or fictitious unnatural sexual practices”.

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