Ugandan Award Winning Activist Frank Mugisha Joins U.S. Protests

Published: December 8, 2012

Until recently the Ugandan activists, who could face death or life imprisonment in Uganda, were asking international activists to tread cautiously when protesting the impending passage of the Anti-Homsexuality Bill (AHB).  Protests have now started ramping up with the Bill now literally a day or two away from possible passage.  Even though the parliamentary process  may result in the Bill’s implementation down a longer road, the Ugandan LGBT community finds itself on the terrifying side of likely escalated persecution, as the country heads toward its pre-genocidal legislation.

Amongst the brave is renowned award winning activist Frank Mugisha, who arrived this week in North Eastern United States to attend the United Nations International Human Rights Day celebrations, scheduled for next week.

On Friday Mugisha accompanied Kathy Kristofferson, a GetEQUAL MA volunteer,  and others from various groups outside of the Federal Building in Springfield MA to protest Scott Lively who contributed to the climate of vicious and deadly hatred in Uganda that has resulted in the persecution, assault murder of LGBTQ people.

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