Ugandan anti-gay strategy: The war has barely begun

Published: March 12, 2014

 Supporters of Uganda’s harsh new Anti-Homosexuality Act are preparing their next steps, according to a strategy document from anti-gay Pastor Stephen Langa.

Langa, executive director of Uganda’s Family Life Network, organized the seminar  in 2009 at which American anti-gay activist Scott Lively energized Uganda’s anti-homosexuality movement shortly before the Anti-Homosexuality Bill was introduced.
Langa’s letter states that Uganda’s recent enactments of the Anti-Homosexuality Act and the Anti-Pornography Act, which bans mini-skirts, “only mark the beginning of a higher and fiercer level of warfare.”
Langa claims that “Homosexuality is just the manifestation of [what] we are dealing with here. This is a conflict between the kingdom of Satan and the Kingdom of God, whereby the Devil wants to accomplish his agenda of John 10:10 to ‘steal, kill and destroy’ our children, marriages, families and ultimately nation.”
The primary strategy that Langa proposes is prayer, although sometimes the prayer is a plea for violence, such as “That the Lord would strike the power base of these evil forces in our country and that the Lord would dislodge their claim and stranglehold on our nation.”
As for Ugandan officials who support LGBT rights, he prays that “the face of the Lord would be against them, deal with them and ultimately remove them.”
Langa dismisses many pro-gay-rights strategies as ineffective, including international pressure, aid cuts, and statements in the media. In particular, he is unimpressed with pro-LGBT-rights efforts in the media, merely asking for prayers that “the Lord would continue to cause the media campaign that the gay activists are using to backfire.”
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