Uganda: "Where Do We Go for Justice?"

Denis LeBlanc
Original Article:

A report on the criminal justice system was issued today by Chapter Four in Uganda. Titled: Uganda: “Where Do We Go for Justice?” The Abuse of the Rights of Sexual Minorities in Uganda’s Criminal Justice System.

“UGANDA’s criminal justice system should cease the practice of intrusive, non-consensual and dehumanizing anal/rectum examination of persons of different sexual orientation and gender identity”, a new report by Chapter Four Uganda, a civil rights organisation, demands.

Chapter Four, a group formed in 2013 was inspired by other civil liberties organizations such as the American Civil Liberties Union. It derives its name from the bill of rights, contained under chapter four of the Constitution of the Republic of Uganda. The report was funded, at least in part, by Canada’s Fund for Local Initiatives.

In its news release, Chapter Four says that it reports on the practice of anal/rectum examination, a routine practice in the investigation of cases against LGBTI persons, usually conducted in the presence of third parties and in unscientific manner is a violation of medical code of practice and a vile affront on the dignity of the persons involved.

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