Uganda refugee project survives anti-gay attacks of 2014

Colin Stewart
Original Article:

The Refugee Law Project (RLP) in Uganda is about to resume its work with refugees and asylum seekers after a 10-month suspension.

RLP,  a community outreach project of the Makerere University School of Law, was established in 1999 to provide legal aid to asylum seekers and refugees in Uganda. The Ugandan government ordered it to cease operations last March in the basis of   allegations that it was promoting homosexuality under the guise of human rights work.

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In addition, last July Ugandan police raided RLP offices, which also housed the Civil Society Coalition on Human Rights and Constitutional Law, the coalition of LGBTI rights groups opposed to Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Bill.

The shutdown and the raid were two of many anti-gay initiatives that occurred in the increasingly hostile environment that flourished after the signing of the Anti-Homosexuality Act last February. The law was overturned last August.

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