Uganda leader: If folks are born gay, I'll nix anti-gay bill

Published: January 27, 2014

Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni has declared that he will not sign the harsh Anti-Homosexuality Bill unless scientists prove to him that homosexuality is an acquired behavior and that LGBT people are not “born that way.”

Museveni stated that position at a caucus of his NRM party on Jan. 24, The Observer of Uganda reported. Citing an unnamed source who attended the meeting, the Observerarticle stated:
” ‘He told us that his views against the law were influenced by a report by some gay rights activists whom he met recently. He said that those activists told him that gays were born just like albinos,’ the source said.
“But the MPs reacted by booing him. At times Museveni called the MPs to order, reminding the rowdy MPs that he was in charge. …
“He later suggested that a team of scientists should be set up to study the problem (homosexuality) and present a report to the NRM caucus during its February 6-16 retreat in Kyankwanzi.
” ‘Unless I have got confirmation from scientists that this condition is not genetic, but a behaviour that is acquired, I will not sign the bill,’ Museveni reportedly said, pushing the anti-gay ball into the court of a yet-to-be-established team.”
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