UGANDA: Genocide by Denial

Published: September 10, 2008

UGANDA: Genocide by Denial

Uganda has been called "the birthplace" of AIDS; some of the earliest known cases can be traced to the central district of Rakai, where long-distance truckers started dying from a mysterious illness in the mid-1980s. That small demographic soon mushroomed into a global pandemic, with Africa at its epicentre.

Despite being the most affected, the continent was on the sidelines of the response for years, only belatedly benefiting from prevention campaigns and pharmaceutical interventions.

In a new book, Genocide by Denial: How Profiteering from HIV/AIDS Killed Millions, Dr Peter Mugyenyi tells the story of the AIDS epidemic in Uganda from its frontlines: hospitals, orphanages, graveyards, witch doctors’ homes – everywhere but from a drug supply cupboard.

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