Uganda and the gay question: what next?

Published: March 23, 2011

Uganda’s Independent has a good analysis of where the gay question is at in Uganda’s echelons of power today.  While confirming my own assessment of 2009 that Musevveni was caught flatfooted by Bahati’s Nazi Anti Gay Bill, the Independent, I think, misses a great opportunity to delve into where we go next.That is where AfroGay is going to come in with his devil’s advocacy.

If one wants to know what the newly re-elected president thinks about the gay issue, one has to do one simple thing: listen to him. Uganda’s Museveni is really not a subtle man at all. In addition, Museveni knows the people who keep on electing him again and again despite unprecedented corruption, wanton nepotism, chronic incompetence, dreadful education and health provision and a chaotic infrastructure that keeps getting worse etc. etc.

In order to understand what is likely to happen to the gay issue, it is important to understand the type of people Ugandans are – to understand what Museveni doesn’t need to be told in order to keep winning elections.

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