Uganda aims to 'weed out' gay-friendly human rights groups

Published: August 8, 2012

Uganda has started a probe of human rights organizations, seeking pro-LGBT advocates and promising to “take action” against them, NTV reports.  Gay-friendly activists in Uganda say the new campaign is based on misinformation.
Internal Affairs Minister Hilary Onek announced today that the government is investigating non-government organizations that advocate human rights but “try to propagate homosexualism and lesbianism.”
Under that cover, he claimed, those groups lead children “in the wrong directions. We cannot accept that. That we are going to fight to make sure we don’t allow them to derail our society, push them into evil.”
Onek said the government is “screening them and we shall ensure that we will clean our society a bit from so-called ‘friends.’ “

Bishop Christopher Senyonjo of Uganda
Anglican Bishop Christopher Senyonjo said,  “It is indeed worrying to hear the accusations leveled against the gay-friendly rights groups.”
Senyonjo leads the St. Paul’s Centre for Reconciilation and Equality, which provides counseling and health services to both straight and LGBT people in Uganda.
He said the government’s actions are based on “misinformation and ignorance about the subject of human sexuality. So false alarms are made that there is a move to promote homosexuality in schools and children are being recruited into this evil behavior.”
Legislation currently before the Ugandan parliament would not only tighter laws against homosexual activities, but also would punish gay-friendly organizations, Senyonjo said.
Under the bill, if a non-governmental organization is found to have promoted same-sex activity, its registration certificate would be cancelled and its director would be liable to imprisonment for up to seven years.

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