Uganda: 9 gay men threatened by mob, arrested by police

Denis LeBlanc
Original Article:

Nine young gay men have been released after being held in police custody for five days in western Uganda.

Without knowing it, the men had put their lives in jeopardy by visiting an STI screening clinic, which attracted the attention of a homophobic mob.

Police at first detained the men on Jan. 15 to protect them from the mob, which threatened to beat or kill them. Once they were in custody, police began considering filing sodomy charges against them.

As described by local witnesses, the incident began on Thursday, Jan. 15, when a medical team from the STI clinic at a  Hospital carried out a screening, testing and treatment visit to a rural district in collaboration with the town council.

HIV testing in Uganda (Photo courtesy of the AIDS Healthcare Foundation)

The visiting clinic had been arranged by the Rainbow Health Foundation  (RHF), which serves gays and men who have sex with men (MSM) in Western Uganda.

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