Two Ugandan men arrested, tortured for having sex

Published: April 2, 2014

 Two men were arrested and tortured after they were accused of having gay sex in Uganda.

Maurice Okello, 22, and Anthony Oluku, 18, were caught ‘red-handed engaging in homosexuality’ in the northern town of Oyam.
The 22-year-old is married.
Under the new anti-homosexuality law, the two face life imprisonment.
Najibu Waiswa, police commander of the Oyam District, told local media: ‘Anthony Oluku, 18 years, sodomized Maurice Okello, 22.
‘Maurice Okello is married, he has a wife, he has a kid. He was sodomized by the younger one.
‘However, the doctor proved beyond all doubt that they had been practicing it for a long time. They had scars.’
The ‘proof’ the police commander refers to was believed to have been obtained by a test described by many international human rights bodies as torture.
According to unconfirmed reports, Uganda doctors have begun engaging in ‘anal probe’ tests often carried out in the Middle East and North Africa to ‘catch’ homosexuals.
These ‘tests’ involve examining someone’s anus to see if they had been penetrated, check for traces of sperm and taking a picture to ‘study’ the shape of the hole. If it is wider, the more ‘likely’ the person has engaged in gay sex, according to the widely discredited test.
‘Forensic anal examinations of men suspected of homosexual contact, conducted in detention, constitute degrading and humiliating treatment,’ said Rasha Moumneh, a researcher at Human Rights Watch.
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