Two Cameroonian citizens, detained for homosexuality since October 2010, have been released

Published: April 10, 2011


Bruno A. and Marc-Henri B, two Cameroonian citizens, detained for homosexuality in Yaounde Central Prison since October 7, 2010 have been released this Thursday, April 7, 2011. They had been arrested since September 27, 2010 by officers of the gendarmerie of Yaounde I in the context of a search warrant for theft by a third party at the home of the neighbor of a mutual friend who was home.


In the minutes summary of the preliminary investigation, the brigade commander explains that: ‘The man named Mr. Emmanuel is the author of robbery at the home of Miss D. H. […] At his body search at the office of our unit, he was found carrying condoms and lubricant in which it was mentioned “ slim between guys” he collected from his friends who have hosted during stay in Yaounde. Thus, a search of their homes has allowed us to capture a large batch of condoms and lubricants homosexual […] The appointed Bruno A. and Marc-Henri B. acknowledge being gay […] For greater certainty, we also requested the Chief Medical Officer of the National Gendarmerie in order to examine the genitals and anal to the effect of the aforementioned are to inform us if they had had  anal sex in the past they are suspected. "

On Thursday, April 7, 2011, Alternatives Cameroon Association represented by its President Parfait Behen, its Chief Executive officer Yves Yomb and Chief Financial Officer Franz MANANGA met the two ex-convicts in Yaounde, immediately after their release from prison in the presence of lawyer appointed by the association Me Michel Togue.

They have testified us of beatings, torture, rape and other humiliations they have suffered at the hands of other inmates and guards prisoners over the past six months in jail closed to Central Prison in Yaoundé Nkodengui.

During our meeting, we found their physical, psychological states discomfort and require immediate care on medical and psychosocial support.


– Congratulate itself for the release of Bruno and Marc-Henri;

– Condemns once again the use of prevention materials – Condoms and lubricant gel-like evidence of a sexual offense;

– Wonders and worries about the safety of its health workers in prevention, the target MSM (Men Who Have Sex With Men) and actions of prevention and awareness HIV / AIDS and other STIs, which are conducted on the territory of Cameroon ;

– Wonders how men who have sex with other men, Included in the Cameroonians Strategic Plan 2011-2015 as Vulnerable populations and included in the proposal of Cameroon in Round 10 of the Global Fund, will benefit from preventive services without be worried if the lubricant and condoms that are supposed to protect them against the pandemic can be found as evidence of sexual offense and sealed;

– Wonders how Cameroon will achieve one of the Millennium Development Goals of UNAIDS which is to halt the spread of HIV / AIDS and begin to reverse by 2015;

– Offended about medical examinations and Punishment (anoscopy) that are made on individuals suspected homosexuals and used as evidence of homosexuality;

– Reiterates its demand for the depenalization of the  347 bis article in the Cameroonian penal code that criminalizes homosexual acts and is manipulated in an arbitrary manner at the expense of Cameroonian citizens as evidence of sexual offense. (Request made by the association with Cameroonian authorities and the diplomatic representations in its various advocacy).

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Douala, Cameroon.
April 10, 2011

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