Turkish Justice System Fails to Protect LGBT People from Sexual Violence and Hate Crimes (Press Release)

Published: February 14, 2011

To the Press and the Public,

On 02/01/2011 a female transsexual friend of ours who is a member of MorEl(Purple Hand) Eski?ehir LGBT Formation* was assaulted and raped in her own house. Now the attacker is threatening our friend with death. Since it is about the security of her life, we made an indictment against the person to the Eski?ehir Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office.

The assaulter has harassed, raped and robbed many gays and transsexual women. Gays and transsexual women cannot make a complaint, since they are threatened, and when they make a complaint prosecutors do not pay attention to their complaints. This person, as it were, begins to earn his livelihood through the robberies and blackmails of gays and transsexual women.

Finally, we demand that a lawsuit against this person may be entered immediately, who threatens our friend by saying “If you move from here, I will yet find you, I will come again,” “If you do not open the door, I will send my friends to you. I will beat you, tying your hands and arms. Then I will enter through the help of my friend and will rape you again, I will kill you.”
Jurisdiction, do not courage the rapists, judge them!

In Turkey at least three women are daily exposed to violence and killed through the impetus of hatred. Transsexual women constitute one part of it. Transvestite and transsexual people who cannot find a job and compelled to become sex laborers, and ostracized by society, experience violence in every sphere of their life.

Unless “hate crime” will not be defined in Turkish Penalty Code, the perpetrators of those crimes against lesbian, gay, bisexual and transsexual (LGBT) people will not be tried, or even if they are tried and sentenced, they will be benefited from reduced sentence. 

The State Should Immediately Give Up Denying LGBT Individuals!

Until the phrase “sexual identity” which was silently revoked from “The Bill of Commission Concerning Anti-Discrimination and Equality” will not be re-included to the draft, these perpetrators will continue to commit these crimes and will not be judged properly!

Hate Crimes are Political, We Know the Murderers!

We are not silent against the hate crimes and discriminations committed against women, LGBT individuals, Alevis, Armenians, Kurds, every segment oppressed. We do not forget Ay?e Pa?al?, Ahmet Y?ld?z, Dilek ?nce, Hrant Dink and U?ur Kaymaz!
If the relevant legal sanctions may not be performed in spite of our complaints, the state will be the accomplice of this crime! We, the organizations listed below, are supporting our friend and will be the pursuer of this lawsuit!

We hope that the jurisdiction may pay attention to the criminal complaint we made, and that the media may fulfill its duty of informing the public in an ethical manner.

MorEl(Purple Hand) Eski?ehir LGBT Formation – Socialist Feminist Collective – Kaos GL Association- Pink Life LGBT Solidarity Association- Lambdaistanbul LGBT Solidarity Association- Black Pink Triangle Izmir LGBT Association – Istanbul LGBT Solidarity Association- Hevjîn Diyarbakir LGBT Formation- Bilkent University Colored Thinking Club – ?LLET – Initiative against Homophobia Association (Cyprus) – FeministBiz- Voltrans Trans Male Initiative– Kad?n Kap?s?

*E-mail: morel.eskisehir@gmail.com
Web: http://moreleskisehir.blogspot.com

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